Our Team

Our Team

The Lirah team consists of a dedicated team of food loving professionals. Successfully combining a variety of backgrounds and skills the team strives each day to produce the very best vinegar products. The shared  love of good food is a cornerstone of our company culture. Every week the team enjoys a ‘company lunch’, prepared by a different team member- all of whom are not only very knowledgeable in vinegar production but also how to use vinegar to enhance food experiences!

Ian Henderson

CEO and Winemaker/Vinegar maker

  • Bachelor of Science (Physics, Mathematics)
  • A. Degree Applied Science (Winegrowing)
  • Winston Churchill Fellow (2006 – Vinegar Making)

Ian is the most experienced and technically proficient vinegar maker in Australia. Ian is responsible for day to day operations of Lirah plus new product development. Ian also provides a comprehensive consulting and vinegar education service together with product development assistance to vinegar users. In addition to 5 years of vinegar making experience, Ian has 10 years of professional winemaking experience in large winemaking enterprises.

Robyn Henderson

Chief Financial Officer

  • Bachelor of Business and Accounting

Robyn is responsible for all financial matters at Lírah plus corporate governance responsibilities. She has over 15 years of accounting and computer accounting experience.

Our passionate staff

If you want to work at Lirah you have to love food. It is the shared passion for food, and cooking that binds the team. Weekly staff lunches, regular company restaurant trips and food escape weekends are all part of working at Lirah. Most of our team have science discipline backgrounds but have found a place where science and precision can mix with food enthusiasm to create great products.

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