‘I’m a Lirah Lover! I have never been so captivated by ones man’s passion, exuberance and love for all things vinegar. Ian is an artisan producer and a master of his field. I love his products and having at least a bottle of each as a constant accessory in my fridge is an essential part of the way I cook.

As soon as I tasted it I had to have it! As Australia’s premium quality vinegar, Lirah inspires my culinary journey with  its pure, fresh flavours. I am passionate about creating innovative food and Lirah is my perfect ingredient for success-make it yours!’


Dominque Rizzo, Chef

‘I have had the pleasure of using Lirah vinegar for many years. It’s the balance and depth of flavour that ensures it holds its own with any European vinegar on the market.’


Paul Baker, Head Chef, Botanical Gardens Restaurant, Adelaide

Lirah is a fantastic Australian Vinegar with great depth of flavour, texture and sits perfectly with the flavours I love and know.


Richard Ousby, Head Chef, Stokehouse

“It is inspirational to work with artisan producers who are passionate and devoted to their product. As a chef, the right ingredient can really elevate your end result and help create something truly magical. That level of dedication is clearly evident in Lirah’s amazing range of vinegar. Lirah has proudly featured in my dishes over many previous menus and will continue to do so for many to come”


Tim Montgomery, Head Chef, Berardos Noosa

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