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Lírah is Australia’s premier specialist vinegar brand.


Principal vinegar maker, Ian Henderson has studied and worked in the production of vinegar for over 15 years to develop a truly artisanal vinegar product.  Made by hand, in collaboration with trained vinegar producers who are passionate about their craft, and aged in small oak barrels, it’s a sophisticated product that deserves to savoured and used with care.


Taste the difference.

Vinegars can and should be delicious, and Lírah takes this to the next level, and using Lírah in your kitchen is making a commitment to quality and taste


Results and service you can trust.

Every single bottle of Lírah is guaranteed to deliver the same quality product, so you can trust it to elevate your cooking and take your dishes from good to great. We are skilled in developing and culitvating strong business-to-business relationships within the foodservice industry, so that you can count on an exceptional product, on time, every time.

About Lírah

At Lírah we deliver service as well as product for those who appreciate the importance of consistent, reliable supply of essential ingredients.


Quality, consistency, innovation and reliability are the hallmarks of Lírah.


Our dedicated Research and Development team can help you produce a product that is right for you and your manufacturing needs. We can adjust colour, style, flavour, sweetness, viscosity, texture, acidity and more to fine tune your product.


Tell us your vinegar problem, we have the solution!

Our Vinegar Maker

Ian Henderson is the most respected and highly qualified vinegar maker in Australia. Using his extensive education and work experience in Europe, in combination with his Australian winemaking qualifications, Ian has created in Lírah, a unique fusion of old world methods and modern Australian style.


Ian travels the world educating trade and consumers on how vinegar is made and how to use vinegar with confidence in cuisine. Many of Australia’s leading chefs use Lírah products and work directly with Ian in the development of dishes for their restaurants.


Ian’s skill and expertise is also sought by many Australian major food manufacturers to help them create new and innovative products using vinegars, and Lírah also produces custom-made vinegars to assist food manufacturers in food processing.