Vincotto 250mL


Lirah Vincotto is rich and thick and with its perfect balance of sweet and sour it will enhance both savoury and dessert dishes making it an extremely versatile pantry staple. With 1kg Australian grapes used in the making of every 250ml bottle it is oh-so-fruity!

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Vincotto – Deliciously fruity, thick & sweet

Passionately 100% Australian made artisan vincotto, reduced to become thick and fruity, with 1kg of grapes used to make every bottle.


Product Specifications


Vincotto is made by the slow reduction of non-fermented red grape juice. A little red wine vinegar is added to lift the aroma and balance the sweetness providing a delicious fruity flavour. This means it works equally as well in savoury and dessert dishes making it an extremely versatile pantry staple.


  • No thickeners
  • No starches
  • Gluten free
  • Please note that this product contains sulphites




250mL Glass bottles




Concentrated grape juice, red wine vinegar, preservative (220 or 224)


Serving Suggestions


Use simply as a dressing over your favourite salad – think Rocket & Pear with Walnuts and Blue Cheese. Pair with aged cheese & dried fruit, serve with game and other dark roast meats, or use as a glaze, just prior to serving, over bruschetta, pizza or risotto. For something sweet drizzle over fresh seasonal fruit or add flavour to poached pears. Enhance dairy based desserts.




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