Sherry Vinegar (5L)

100% Australian made Apera sherry vinegar, over delivering in quality in all fields. 5L Bulk for Chefs. Award winning product.


Award Winning Sherry Vinegar


Product Specifications

The first truly Australian made sherry vinegar on the market. Made form Australian made sherry (Apera) wine and aged in old oak hogsheads. Both the base wine, and the vinegar fermentation were made in Australia. Over delivers on quality and will stand up against equivalent priced sherry vinegars from overseas. No added colours or sulphites. Allergen free.



Bronze: 2008 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.



Available in a Kitchen Friendly 5L plastic Jerrycan.


Usage Suggestions

A sweeter style vinegar with complex and full flavours that works well with all green leaf salads from radicchio to cabbage. When used as a deglasing agent it leaves a sticky, sweet, Asian style glaze.

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